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Other Productions

Outside of One Foot In Reality, Jimmy enjoys creating other projects that take a deep dive into the world of music. Trying see what kind of lessons and inspiration will translate back to One Foot In Reality.

Sail On Silver ShipsOne Foot In Reality
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Film Score - Monotony

Adrian Done-Ditmas' 2022 short film Monotony explores the loss of sanity through falling into an overwhelming number of life's redundant cycles. 

Dripping Into Place
MPB239 Final Project


Ab              Fm              Ab                   Fm 

Don’t blink twice, I can see it in your eyes, (10)

                    Bbm                     Eb

That you’re trying not to fall asleep, (9)

       Ab         Fm                  Ab                   Fm

But pain is a virtue that’s no longer with you, (12)

              Bbm               Eb

Now that your mind is free, (6)


Do you miss the sunrise, and feeling like it’s alright, (13)

When you’d lay down to sleep? (6)

Cause back when we were dreaming, all the things we were seeing, (14)

Felt just beyond our reach, (6)



       Ab                                        Db

But nothing’s gonna worry you anymore, (10)

Ab                                               Db

Soon you will see your time and space, (8)

Ab                                                Db

No, nothing’s gonna worry you anymore, (11)

            Fm                Cm                  Ab

Cause everything is dripping into place, (5)



These steps that you’ve been taking, are slowly creating, (13)

The life you’ve always dreamed to live, (8)

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you ‘til you’re there, (12)

Cause someday you will be the king, (7)




Ab                                        Db

What if I could tell you the secrets to the value (13)

Ab                                            Db

That you’ve been begging to know, (7)

            Ab                                            Db

These slow and steady steps past the point where you feel dead, (13)

         Fm             Cm          Db

Will cause your greatest growth, (6)


[Chorus] x2

AUD119 Final Project

While very short, creating little songs like this one is so good for the soul. It’s the act of making music for music’s sake that I love. There’s no pressure, no complex concepts to fit in as a means of mending an album together. This is just music! Projects like this, for me, are influentially pure. I did not set out with intention other than to make music. Without having an ear worm or melodic idea stuck in my head, I didn’t have to chase anything, so I just started creating. I feel that when this is my approach, every influence I’ve ever had are swimming in there somewhere. If each influence was color, it’s up to you to decide if it’s a rainbow or some washed-out grey soup! Like many folks, I started with the rhythm section. I knew the meter was 4/4, as per the Track 1 project requirements. The tempo fluctuates heavily while I program the drums, that is until I get a groove locked down. After creating an evolving drum part, I settled the tempo at 93 bpm. I wanted the bass to be able to hold its own without distracting from everything else. In the end, I feel the bass adds some nice variety in terms of perception of groove while drums repeat. With a selected key of Gb Major, I set out to create a progression. The harmony chords can look like a scary string of letters when all printed on the page, but it can be broken down into three sections. The first is the entire first half. The chords go- Gb Bbm Abm Cb Bbm Cbmaj7 Abm Bbm. Then they repeat except the final Bb minor turns to Db major as final glimpse of light before the dark sets in. The second section plays- Ebm, Ebm, Bbm, Abm,Bbm twice through before making leap into the final section. The section that goes - Cb,Ebm,Db,Cb,Ebm,Gb,Cbmaj7,Ebm,Db7, Bbm7,Ebm,Gb. Like I stated above, there’s a lot going on, but a few changes repeat then shift the last chord or two to transition into a new space. With the harmony and Rhythm in place, I just drew out a melody that plays off of those parts; As a result, I feel it's melodically unexpected but extremely natural. The two synth patches I created merely embellish the harmony and bass. The bass patch was created with the ES P (Track 6). I really just wanted something to hold the root in the back while the actual bass played with rhythmic ideas. After sliding everything around to my liking, I feel the final sound is about as classic as I could get, but that’s alright I suppose. Some weird Prophetic-Juno-Moog. As for the other patch (track 8), I just wanted to play in a similar space as the harmony, but I wanted something with proper sustain to counter the actual harmony’s stabs. The two harmony parts are playing at different octaves to fill the spectrum, during the dark and evil section, there’s an empty octave between the two parts. I hoped it would make things feel more distant through the darkness, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. One way or another it offers additional flavor variety. With all of these perfectly-timed midi clips can sound mechanical. So I used the self-recorded audio track to add a touch of humanity. I set my mic on my Fender 2x12 guitar amp and played around with the harmony on the guitar. I recorded it to track 11 and placed very minimal processing. For a sampler track I recorded a single harmonic hit on my guitar then popped it into the sampler to, again, just follow the roots. Part of my mixing process was adding compressors to the rhythm section and the melody. I did some sculpting with channel eq’s placed on the kick, harmony, melody, and both of the custom synths. I routed a 1.1s reverb bus on the snare, cymbals, harmony, melody, the audio and both the custom synths. Finally I routed a 458.1ms Tape Delay bus to the drums, harmony, melody and the audio tracks. As for the actual mix, I aimed to keep the melody in focus while still being knitted into the world around it. I was aiming for general balance, accept with some of the more atmospheric elements, they sat a little lower. I would like to think that the final product is a rather pure depiction of my take on just creating little moments of music. No song in mind, no real requirements other than to create. I just love that so much, stress free music will always be my favorite!

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