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Every production needs the perfect background music.
Whether it's the earth-shaking rhythms of a drum line, guiding our hero through the jungle;
Or the bittersweet agony of a slowly sweeping cello, trying to reassemble a characters broken heart.

Every story needs a score.

1 / Stealing Neptune's Crown

Devious pizzicato strings dance over jungle-running percussion, with a sea of stars overhead.

2 / Restoring Hope

When your whole world breaks down, sometimes the only choice is to put yourself back together. You're better for it.

3 /  Into The Lion's Den

Chest pounding orchestral drums march sustained French horns though Lucifer’s synthesized sanctuary.

4 / City In The Clouds

We have officially weathered the storm, but not without new scars. Our sun may be setting, but at least it was an incredible ride.

Song Production

Embracing your inner artist can be difficult; Having someone to help get the ball rolling can make a world of a difference. From subtle additive enhancements, to complete ghost writing and production, let me know how I can help bring your dreams into reality.

1 / Empire

The infectious joy of summertime sun, and brief moments of having zero responsibility.

2 / Working Though The Night

You want to rest your tired eyes, but there's just a little more work to be done and no time to do it.

3 / You've Got It Now

A lonely guitar attempts to make sense of an ever-changing sonic world. Fighting for understanding.

4 / Casing The Cage

After months of heist preparation, the time has come to case the joint. Stay smooth, stay classy.

5 / Bittersweet Night Drive

We may have left the eighties forty years ago, but on a scenic late-night drive it can all flood back for a second.


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